Recovery At A Glance


2012 - 2018


RECOVERY:  Across the board, the statistics on drug and alcohol addiction seem to double and triple every couple of years.  In this aspect of the ministry, the battle is not won in numbers of patrons or prominence of programs, but in the type of Christ-centered care that produces heart change and subsequent transformation.  Each of these visits below represents nothing less than an intentional life-on-life encounter.


Cumulative Recovery Visits

Total Recovery Visits To Date (as of 1/12/18): 12,724

SPIRITUAL IMPACT:  The Christian care of souls brings with it a metric that can only be measured in the spiritual realm.  Sometimes the best way to demonstrate impact is with a testimony.  We share this video with you so that you might catch a glimpse of what God is doing in the lives of men at Mission Possible.


Jimi Brown - Patron and Volunteer

mission possible patron, jimi brown, shares a part of his testimony