The Years In Review

Annually, we assemble a photo montage that has become a colorful representation of our patrons, volunteers, and various ministries.  These mini time capsules are highly treasured because they capture the most significant moments of the year.  Aside from an onsite visit, it's simply the best way to allow you to peek inside the doors of Mission Possible.  Enjoy and celebrate what God has done!


Year four - 2015

This video documents continued growth in both the healthcare and recovery ministries.  Services added this year include: legal counseling for immigration concerns and diabetes education.  We were also blessed to participate in several Aurora First Friday events that allowed many Christian artists and musicians to freely express their gifting in a public setting.  Prescription medications and blood lab work becomes available to our medical patrons for the first time.


Year three - 2014

Our expansion became the primary focus of year three.  A little shoe drive helped bring some necessary funds to allow the build out of the Christian Recovery Fellowship Hall at 61 S. Broadway.  Formerly, a "head shop" selling drug paraphernalia, it was converted to a "soul shop" on June 14, 2014.  God answered our prayers that His light would overcome the darkness!

YEAR one - 2012

In the beginning, we had $15,000 and a burden on our heart.  Look what God did with it!  In year one, we launched many ministries at 63 S. Broadway  including: recovery, medical, vision, dental, physical therapy, biblical counseling, and regular Bible studies.

year two - 2013

Though many services were added in year two including occupational therapy, chiropractic, and haircuts, much of our time and attention went towards the expansion of the dental clinic and the addition of the community garden at 171 S. Lasalle Street.  Bible study, Redemption Groups, and the "poor man's seminary" also become part of the warp and woof of ministry.

before mission Possible

You might wonder what led up to the founding of Mission Possible.  Here is a glimpse of the early ministry work that took the founders from Honduras to Mexico and India.  Ultimately, they realized their personal calling was to care for the "least of these" in their own backyard.